Barbara Stanny | Wealth Coach, Speaker, and Author

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As the daughter of the R in H&R Block tax services, Barbara Stanny grew up relying on her father, then her husband, to manage her money. But a devastating financial crisis became a personal wake-up call. Her journey to financial enlightenment is inspiring and is the basis for her best-selling books, and our interview with her on Cinderella CEO On Air. She’s done hundreds of media interviews, including Time Magazine, The View, The New York Times, Forbes, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, PBS and more. We’re so honored to have her on our program. Barbara’s message: “When you take charge of your money, you take control of your life.” You may have read her books Secrets of Six-Figure Women, Overcoming Under Earning, Prince Charming Isn’t Coming and her most recent Sacred Success. She’s written a total […]

Nora Moreno: From Housekeeper to Corporate Executive

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Nora Moreno began her career in hospitality as a housekeeper. She gives us an inside account on what it’s like to start from scratch, and love the journey along the way. She came from Mexico to the United States, and found her mentors and dream job at Aimbridge Hospitality. Today, she is Vice President of Human Resources for the largest 3rd party hotel management company in the country. Nora has a great voice, a special story and concrete advice on how to move up in an organization that you love.

Interview with Jon Stein, CEO of Betterment, Inc

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We caught up with Jon Stein, the Founder and CEO of Betterment, Inc., in his New York office this summer. Jon launched Betterment to offer average investors access to first-rate, affordable financial advice. He talks about why he’s okay with his team members bringing their kids to work, why books are important to him, who he admires in the financial world and why being a trusted fiduciary advisor is his firm’s purpose first and foremost. Listen to “Jon Stein, CEO, Betterment, Inc interview” on Spreaker.

Interview with Sean Magennis, COO at YPO

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I met Sean Magennis soon after I moved back to Dallas and began consulting with Earth Day Texas. Sean is a green energy entrepreneur from South Africa (with a great accent), and founder of Gateway Green Energy Holdings, LLC. In our interview, I spoke to Sean about his role as President and Chief Operating Officer of YPO (Young Presidents Organization). YPO has more than 24,000 members, in over 130 countries. Sean and I discuss that 50 percent of the YPO senior management team is comprised of women, and the majority of CEO members are men. He says today’s C-level executives have to be better communicators. Learning how to avoid ambiguity takes a high degree of self-awareness. He provides examples of how to ask questions to avoid the triggers that cause one to over-react or act […]

Doug Rauch, former President of Trader Joe’s….Serious, Caring and Fun to Talk to…

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Doug Rauch is our 10th Cinderella CEO podcast interview. Soft spoken, and really smart, the former president of Trader Joe’s, and current CEO of Conscious Capitalism, Doug Rauch has also started a project called the Daily Table to bring fresh food to the inner cities. Doug talks about how he fell into the grocery biz, and how to avoid “crapitalism!” We talk about how to excel as an entrepreneur, and why listeners may want to consider becoming “intrapreneurs” as an alternative. Doug discusses capitalism, how it can be a force for good, and why “Conscious Capitalism” caught his attention. (This is a re-edit of the first interview for better audio clarity). Listen to “Interview with Doug Rauch, former President of Trader Joe's” on Spreaker.

House of Cards "Speaker of the House" Mike Lyons

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Mike Lyons, actor and longtime hospitality and travel executive, talks about the trials and tribulations of this year’s U.S. Presidential election with host Cary Broussard. Mike Lyons, popular Netflix hit House of Cards actor, discusses personal branding in politics. How personal branding and politics are intertwined and how we can develop our own brands.

Doug Levy, Conscious Capitalism

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Co-Chair of the International Conscious Capitalism Board, Doug Levy, author of Can’t Buy Me Like, and founder of the 20-year old digital agency, MePlusYou, has found time to form a new start up called Tap Goods. I interviewed him a few weeks ago. He recommends reading these books, The Lean Start Up, Holacracy and of course Conscious Capitalism.

Journey from Housekeeper to Corporate Executive: An Interview with Nora Moreno

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Interview with Nora Moreno – From Housekeeper to Corporate Executive Looking for a place to work after moving to Texas from Mexico, Nora Moreno heard about a job opening in a nearby hotel. She stood in line with other applicants, and interviewed for a housekeeping position. Nora ended up landing her first job in the U.S. and very happy to be working. What she didn’t expect was to fall in love with housekeeping. Nora Moreno, now Vice President of Human Resources for Aimbridge Hospitality Corporation, to this day when she travels, inspects every room with an eye for detail and love for hospitality. I hope you’ll learn as much as I after listening to Nora’s fascinating journey. She has a lot to say about the commitment and joys of hospitality. Learn more about Aimbridge at […]

Interview with Brian Robertson, Holacracy founder

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With all the talk in the press about companies adopting Holacracy, Cary Broussard explores why this unconventional practice is attracting some very successful companies and the Millennials who work for them. In her interview with Brian Robertson, founder and author of Holacracy:The New Management System for a Rapidly Changing World, we hear what it actually looks like to work within the Holacracy system and if it “works.” Brian Robertson is a seasoned entrepreneur and organization builder. Very likable and approachable, Brian calls himself a recovering CEO – a job he now helps free others from with Holacracy. Cary met Brian at the National Conference for Conscious Capitalism this year and Brian generously gave his time for an interview during the conference. The official Holacracy book comes out June 2, 2015. Online Holacracy webinars, introductory workshops […]

CinderellaCEO-Dave Johnson, CEO Aimbridge Hospitality

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Cinderella CEO on Air is a career podcast based on the international book, From Cinderella to CEO – How to Master the 10 Lessons of Fairy Tales to Transform Your Work Life. Cary Broussard, author and host of the show interviews CEOs and executives about their Cinderella Stories and how the lessons of fairy tales have helped them successfully navigate business challenges. Guests come from a wide range of businesses and offer steps to develop a successful career. The guests offer anecdotes and stories that guide listeners, based on lessons of fairy tales. The podcasts have a fun tone and create memorable lessons that listeners at all levels of their career will enjoy. Producers Logan Rene’ Broussard and Russ Johns Production Team: Sylvia Wolosyn, Anita Bell and Debby Englander We interview Dave Johnson, CEO and […]

Set the History Records Straight….Wikipedia is Your Opportunity

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I’ve had some fun recently making updates to a Wikipedia page that tells the history of the Women On Their Way program I would invite others, who were involved with me in the Women On Their Way program to review and add your verifiable data as well. Have you ever edited a Wikipedia page? It’s fun and I think the Baby Boomer generation is particularly qualified to help provide accurate records on many subjects floating around on Google. Is there a project or book that you contributed to that might warrant your background and knowledge? Why not Google some projects you’ve worked on or created and see if the details are documented and better yet, if they are correct. It’s very easy to sign up to edit on Wikipedia. The site asks you to […]

Millennials Say (and Can Do) The Darn-dest Things

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For those of you who don’t know what age range the Millennial group refers to…the “Millennials” are the generation born between 1975 and 1995 (18 years of age to 38). There’s a whole bunch of Millennials, the next biggest population bubble to come along since the Boomers (1945 to 1964). One of the great Milliennials I’ve come to know is a young woman named Sylvia Woloszyn. I met Sylvia when she attended my class on special event marketing at NYU. I soon found out that Sylvia is both soft spoken and brilliant. So when Sylvia graduated, I was thankful she agreed to work with my company and help it grow into a larger entity. She has a full time position with an airline company and works remotely for Broussard Global on a part time basis. […]

Writing a book? Book editor Debby Englander helps navigate and mentor.

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Finding myself up to my eye balls in projects these days, two of which happen to be books, I am constantly asking questions of people “in the know” about traditional publishing and digital publishing. Debby Englander, my editor for the book, From Cinderella to CEO, has become a dear friend and mentor. Here’s some background on Debby and her career beanstalk tips. I know you’ll benefit from Debby’s advice and enjoy getting to know her as well. Debby Englander is available for consultation and you can find her on LinkedIn here. Debby, how did you get started in publishing? Debby Englander: My career in publishing really launched at Money Magazine, where I started as a copy editor with no experience at all in editing books. I went on to manage the Fortune Book Club and […]

Bring Your Parents to Work Day. Really?

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My parents helped me get my first job. My aunt had a friend who was the Executive Director of the American Cancer Society. Aunt Milton (yes, my Aunt’s name was Milton) helped me get an interview for the PR Director/Special Events position. The hiring decision was given to an impartial 3rd party, the publicity chairman, who happened to be the local NBC news anchor. I got the job, and my career in public relations began…and my parents butted out. However, 25 years later, I wonder how involved I would be as a parent in helping my child land a job. The article in PRNewser below and other media pubs are buzzing about how LinkedIn and companies are involving parents of millennials in the hiring, retention process, primarily with regard to internships. Finding the right workplace […]

Do personalities get wrinkles?

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I know we have creams, plastic surgery, all sorts of supposed cures for making our wrinkles go away. No matter what I’m armed with, winning the war on wrinkles is probably a losing battle…but don’t get me wrong I’m certainly willing to stay in the battle! However, I would really would rather spend time in a more cause-related battle, making improvements to the wrinkles in my personality…. Starting with being a more giving person, being more understanding of my husband, more thoughtful to my co-workers, less egotistical, less judgemental, less fearful about the future – Wrinkles or no wrinkles. So when I watched this TED TALK video featuring Jane McGonigal and how her video game helped pull her out of depression following an injury, I was intrigued. Did you watch it? I am grateful to […]

Why Reinventing Yourself Doesn't Always Mean Quitting Your Day Job

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If you’re in the travel business, Harvey Chipkin has written about you or your company, or maybe you’ve read his work or you’ve just had the pleasure of meeting him. Harvey currently writes for Travel Weekly, Hotel News Now, and and many other publications and websites. He’s written about every major hotel brand and interviewed travel industry titans, including: former Marriott CEO Bill Marriott, former Starwood CEO Barry Sternlicht, current NYU Hotel School Dean Bjorn Hanson and Associate Dean Lalia Rach of University of Wisconsin, just to skim the surface. So when I received an invitation from Harvey to attend one of his improvisational comedy shows in New York, I was intrigued and had to check it out. You see, I’ve known Harvey for 20 years, and had no idea he had been studying improv […]

Getting Into the Community and Digging It!

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Volunteers helped plant a new flower bed in honor of Cinco de Mayo at West Dallas Community School, as part of a series of events designed to support the school, which serves at-risk children of West Dallas. Getting to dig in the dirt with a group of amazing 5th graders from the Nature Studies Class at WCDS, literally reconnected me to the earth and to the Dallas community. You see, I’ve just returned to Dallas after living in New York and New Jersey for the last four years. Volunteering as part of a volunteer effort gave me the opportunity to also make new friends at and Slingshot. West Dallas 5th grade students and all the volunteers utilized the colors of the Mexican flag — hope (green), white (unity) and red (the country’s heroes) to […]

Meryl Streep, Sallie Fields Have Nothing On Robin Benson

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Picture yourself as the only woman working in a power plant. No, this is not a Meryl Streep or Sallie Fields feel good movie, it was real life for Robin Benson at age 23. According to Robin, members of the workers’ union at the power plant were very protective of her, but most in the male-dominated organization never expected to be working side by side a young woman their daughters’ age. I met Robin while serving on a career advisory board for an all girls high school in Memphis, Tennessee, our high school alma mater. I am fascinated by Robin’s energy and so pleased she was willing to share her observations with me. Robin’s mother was head of housekeeping at the Hutchison School for Girls, and head of the fledging computer program….and she was also […]

There’s a Right Way to Zag in Marketing

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Within the marketing industry, many organizations have created annual award shows for the creative product. The general public rarely sees who the winners are. Most of them are set up for internal publishing and viewing. It may sound too simple, but a quicker way to survey or benchmark the quality of creative products for any given year is to review Super Bowl commercials, and global events like the Olympics. Venturing to say, probably only two or three commercials were worth the astronomical media costs this year. Yes, they made you laugh, but what was the product they were selling? Or the cinematography was magnificently executed, but how clear was the message they were trying to convey? What was the point of difference of the product or service? Take another quick glance survey into the world […]

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(This is an excerpt from my speech given in Dallas, at the invitation of Linda Descano, president of Citi’s Women & Co and head of digital media.) Women’s issues seem to be at the forefront. Through the fog of controversy, we are getting some kickin’ coverage on the issues. From the Atlantic Monthly, July 2012, article by Ann Marie Slaughter, saying women can’t have it all to McKinsey & Co, releasing the “Women Matter” studies, stating that keeping women in the workforce are our competitive edge in business. Women Matter Asia supports the same. If you agree or disagree with Professor Slaughter’s article, you can tell her on Twitter @SlaughterAM When I was Head of Marketing and Branding at MPI (Meeting Professionals International), from 2006-2008, we learned then that the wealth of the world was […]

High Performers and Innovators, Please Apply Today"

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What makes workplace diversity potentially one of the most polarizing issues today in business? I have rarely, if ever, worked for someone who was my mirror image. However, many, if not most of us, feel more comfortable and more at ease with someone who shares our same belief system, likes and dislikes … and, yes, even looks like we do. What I’ve just described will solicit a different reaction from those filtering my words. For example, those reading who are between 35 to 65+ years of age may have quite a different reaction from someone 18 to 35 years of age. Within this dichotomy of perspectives rests our hope, our future and our burden in business and society today. I have been fortunate to teach undergraduate and graduate classes at New York University in the […]

Taking the Gracie Awards to Los Angeles

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With the 2012 Gracie Awards having come and gone, I have the opportunity to reflect upon my time as interim president of the Gracie Awards and the Alliance for Women in Media in 2010. My time with the organization was truly the opportunity of a lifetime. Taking the Gracies to LA for the first time in 35 years (it had always been held in New York), and working with a dedicated board of directors and staff was a great privilege. If you ever have the opportunity to attend the Gracie Awards, by all means, go! It is a great experience (albeit usually a tad too long as all awards shows tend to be). The Gracie Awards bring together the biggest names in news and entertainment to honor the best in programming for and about women. […]

Diary of Girl Scouts' 100 Years of Making Dreams Come True

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I don’t think it’s just me who has noticed that the Girl Scouts are everywhere these days – And apparently, they’ve been around 100 years. Yep, the Girl Scouts were founded in Savannah, Georgia in 1912. My friend Missy Rainer keeps me posted on all things Girl Scouts. And I am so proud of my friend Connie Lindsey in Chicago, who has Chaired the GS for the last couple of years and Linda Descano, new on your national board, lives right across the street from me. So these three women have something to do with me being “uber” aware of the Girl Scouts. These three women Missy, Connie and Linda all have something unique in common, and I think of them when I think of the Girl Scouts. They go above and beyond, always doing […]

What if every Wall Street IPO or Trade Benefited a 501C3

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….What if the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ donated a percentage of transaction costs or a percentage of all trades to a charitable fund or many non profits ? For every company that makes an Initial Public Offering, could a percentage or portion of the percentage of trades be donated to charities or causes? I like for instance what GoodSearch does by donating a percentage of every search to charity of the searcher’s choice. I believe it would help the tarnished image of Wall Street (NYT, 3/16/12, On College Campuses, a Wall Street Career Loses Its Luster).

Politics, Technology & Elections, Oh My!

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Gotham Media Ventures recently hosted a panel discussion in New York at Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz on Madison Ave., titled “Politics, Tech & Decision 2012.” About 100 people attended and the audience was a mix of women and men, all ages. Now before you glaze over, it is an election year and we are about to elect the next President of the United States…Don’t you want the inside scoop? Some of the highlights I think you and I should pay attention to from this type of discussion: 1. The panel was made up of all men. Was it because they were talking about money, politics, and technology, and Arianna Huffington wasn’t available, that there were no women on the panel? Okay, I digress. The men did make some compelling points: Barack O’Bama’s use of […]

Back from Japan, a little jet-lagged and a lot inspired

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I didn’t think to ask anyone how jet-lag would affect me upon returning from Japan….Finally two weeks after my trip, I felt normal again. FYI – Melatonin was not helpful to me – it actually made me feel awful. I don’t recommend it, but my colleague traveling with me loved its effects! Traveling for 3 weeks straight with back to back speaking engagements from Memphis, Dallas, Los Angeles and of course Japan, drained my energy. Although jumping back into teaching at NYU re-energized me! As I listen to and read historical reports on the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor today, my emotions and perspective are mixed. I wince in horror at the root and destruction of wars and yet I have to stay hopeful that current wars will one day be settled in peaceful partnership […]

Exploring similarities and differences between Japan and the US

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Reflecting upon what makes diversity and inclusion so powerful in art, culture and business, I look forward to posting impressions from my upcoming trip to Japan. Most recently a study from GEWEL (Global Enhancement Women’s Executive Leadership), conducted in 2009-10 found findings that show Japan and U.S. have much to learn from each other. This study opens the door to more opportunity for businesses in the U.S. to collaborate with the Japanese. The economic pressures we are facing world over require that we collaborate in fresh ways. Hiroko Tatebe, founder of the Global Organization for Leadership and Diversity, and a pioneer in this area, is a great resource in understanding the opportunities for leadership and collaboration between the two cultures. Ms. Tatebe has invited me and my colleague Leslie Grossman, founder of Women's Leadership Exchange, […]

Keeping Your Sense of Humor…In Not So Funny Times

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My friend Barbara sat down for dinner the other night and the first question fired across the table was “Now Barbara, what HAVE you been doing?” Barbara said she felt herself go red. She fired back, “Can we not start with me first. I’d like to hear what everybody else is doing.”  Barbara wished she had her clever, very together “elevator speech” she used just that morning in a women’s networking group. But that night at dinner with friends, she wasn’t prepared to be “on”…..She had joined her friends for what she thought would be time to let go and forget about her uncertain future. She knew her sense of humor wanted to show up for dinner too, but it had walked out the door when her friend asked “what have you been doing?” such […]

Celebrity Gossip or the Physics of Intelligence?

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I know I’ve changed now. Like all, when I’m in the airport, I have a ton of choices to buy reading material before boarding the plane. For years, when I wanted to relax, I would choose People magazine, USWeekly, some celebrity eye candy publication (along with a chocolate Hershey’s bar) where I didn’t have to think while I was relaxing in between spurts of work on the plane ride home.  Well, this time, on my trip home to NJ from Austin, TX,  I was compelled to buy Scientific American magazine, intrigued by the cover article, “The Physics of Intelligence…Can We Get Any Smarter?” by Doug Fox…. So I bought it plus the June 27th issue of Newsweek w/former President Bill Clinton on the cover. Eye candy? No, intriguing headline, yes, “14 Ways to Save America’s […]

Cinderella's Student Advisory Board

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Research has shown (my own research as well as others) that having an advisory board can make all the difference in business success and yes, even in personal endeavors. Master mind groups, advisory boards, boards of directors, you name it, listening and responding to a group of qualified individuals whom you trust and respect can produce big dividends. Three keys to success: 1. Determine what the purpose of your board will be. Is it a focus group for a new product or service ? Is it a group of advisors who will advise you on growing a business or your career? 2. Outline the benefits/commitments to those serving on the board. Networking with other board members, opportunity to learn from you and others. Mention appropriate perks and any monetary compensation and time commitments. 3. Challenge […]

Women’s Voices from Around the World

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I had an amazing opportunity as part of UN Women’s launch to hear a panel of women from around the globe share their voices at the New School in New York. Sakeena Yacoobi from Afghanistan (the Afghan Institute of Learning), shared her major concerns about the security of Afghan women. Three things I especially like about Sakeena’s delivery of her message. Sakeena knows the new Executive Director of UN Women is in the audience, so she makes her message relevant to Michelle Bachelet (former President of Chile) on behalf of the women of Afghanistan, because she knows Bachelet has influence and power to help lead change for Afghan women. Sakeena prepared her message – simple and to the point – Her sound bite is easy for us to understand and share with others – Women […]

Listen to me, little Red Riding Hood…

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There are ZERO calories in music. If I listened to more music, instead of snacking on sweets, I’d be a lot thinner…Ok, it’s settled…one more New Year’s resolution on the list. What do you listen to while you’re creating, eating or exercising? My friend Mary Barry created a great soundtrack for me while I was writing my book, and I use it to kick off my presentations sometimes.  Music is an incredible motivator. I grew up in Memphis, Tennessee, a great music town (Elvis, Justin Timberlake, Alex Chilton, Rufus and Carla Thomas, all hail from M-town). Anyway, I’ve gotten away from my music roots and I’ve found the app Shazam to be an amazing help on my iPod in helping me remember songs  and learn about new artists. Check it out!! So my fairy tale […]

Compassionate, Collaborative and Culture-Driven Management

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Conscious Capitalism, Holacracy, the Good Jobs strategy and other trending management techniques have applicable practices for corporations, resulting in a competitive, even a collaborative edge. Are these management techniques applicable for smaller, entrepreneurial companies? Cary has experienced first-hand how leaders succeed and fail at building strong cultures that drive businesses. She’ll talk about her own experiences, and what’s she’s learned from interviewing and observing these leaders on this subject.

CEO Gretta Brooks Unlocks the Power of Your Voice Through Her New Technology

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Gretta Brooks, founder and chief executive officer of SalesBoost, LLC, has developed a SaaS-based sales training technology solution for hotels to improve performance and increase results. A long-time techie and hotel executive with a passion for mentoring others, Gretta combined her expertise and passion to develop and obtain the provisional patent for the first voice analysis training system software for the hospitality industry. Gretta has a Cinderella story, not to mention a fairy tale name. She’s a fan of the lessons of fairy tales and talks with Cinderella CEO On Air about her company, her love of mentoring and how using your voice can unlock the keys to the castle and boost your confidence, performance, and sales. Her web-based, on-demand sales development tool, SalesBoost, provides unlimited sales scenario simulation and immediate feedback to improve sales […]

Hey FCC. Do you have the right to rule on Internet Net Neutrality? Seven years ago, no…

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Please read what the FCC opinion on net neutrality looked like in 2010 when I wrote this blog. Actress Justine Bateman, Justin Bateman’s sister inspired me to write this blog when I was acting CEO of the Women’s Alliance for Media in D.C. Justine has been a fierce advocate on keeping the Internet open for the masses. I feel very powerless right now in this discussion in 2017. If you have ideas on what the FCC should do, please make your voice heard. It does appear that the FCC may have a clue…when it comes to keeping the Internet open for the masses in the U.S. – It seems that the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), Hollywood, big Internet companies (Google, Verizon), the Wireless industry and public rights advocates are divided on how to preserve and, […]