Why Reinventing Yourself Doesn't Always Mean Quitting Your Day Job

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If you’re in the travel business, Harvey Chipkin has written about you or your company, or maybe you’ve read his work or you’ve just had the pleasure of meeting him. Harvey currently writes for Travel Weekly, Hotel News Now, and and many other publications and websites. He’s written about every major hotel brand and interviewed travel industry titans, including: former Marriott CEO Bill Marriott, former Starwood CEO Barry Sternlicht, current NYU Hotel School Dean Bjorn Hanson and Associate Dean Lalia Rach of University of Wisconsin, just to skim the surface. So when I received an invitation from Harvey to attend one of his improvisational comedy shows in New York, I was intrigued and had to check it out. You see, I’ve known Harvey for 20 years, and had no idea he had been studying improv […]

Getting Into the Community and Digging It!

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Volunteers helped plant a new flower bed in honor of Cinco de Mayo at West Dallas Community School, as part of a series of events designed to support the school, which serves at-risk children of West Dallas. Getting to dig in the dirt with a group of amazing 5th graders from the Nature Studies Class at WCDS, literally reconnected me to the earth and to the Dallas community. You see, I’ve just returned to Dallas after living in New York and New Jersey for the last four years. Volunteering as part of a volunteer effort gave me the opportunity to also make new friends at CheapCaribbean.com and Slingshot. West Dallas 5th grade students and all the volunteers utilized the colors of the Mexican flag — hope (green), white (unity) and red (the country’s heroes) to […]

Meryl Streep, Sallie Fields Have Nothing On Robin Benson

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Picture yourself as the only woman working in a power plant. No, this is not a Meryl Streep or Sallie Fields feel good movie, it was real life for Robin Benson at age 23. According to Robin, members of the workers’ union at the power plant were very protective of her, but most in the male-dominated organization never expected to be working side by side a young woman their daughters’ age. I met Robin while serving on a career advisory board for an all girls high school in Memphis, Tennessee, our high school alma mater. I am fascinated by Robin’s energy and so pleased she was willing to share her observations with me. Robin’s mother was head of housekeeping at the Hutchison School for Girls, and head of the fledging computer program….and she was also […]

There’s a Right Way to Zag in Marketing

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Within the marketing industry, many organizations have created annual award shows for the creative product. The general public rarely sees who the winners are. Most of them are set up for internal publishing and viewing. It may sound too simple, but a quicker way to survey or benchmark the quality of creative products for any given year is to review Super Bowl commercials, and global events like the Olympics. Venturing to say, probably only two or three commercials were worth the astronomical media costs this year. Yes, they made you laugh, but what was the product they were selling? Or the cinematography was magnificently executed, but how clear was the message they were trying to convey? What was the point of difference of the product or service? Take another quick glance survey into the world […]

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(This is an excerpt from my speech given in Dallas, at the invitation of Linda Descano, president of Citi’s Women & Co and head of digital media.) Women’s issues seem to be at the forefront. Through the fog of controversy, we are getting some kickin’ coverage on the issues. From the Atlantic Monthly, July 2012, article by Ann Marie Slaughter, saying women can’t have it all to McKinsey & Co, releasing the “Women Matter” studies, stating that keeping women in the workforce are our competitive edge in business. Women Matter Asia supports the same. If you agree or disagree with Professor Slaughter’s article, you can tell her on Twitter @SlaughterAM When I was Head of Marketing and Branding at MPI (Meeting Professionals International), from 2006-2008, we learned then that the wealth of the world was […]

High Performers and Innovators, Please Apply Today"

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What makes workplace diversity potentially one of the most polarizing issues today in business? I have rarely, if ever, worked for someone who was my mirror image. However, many, if not most of us, feel more comfortable and more at ease with someone who shares our same belief system, likes and dislikes … and, yes, even looks like we do. What I’ve just described will solicit a different reaction from those filtering my words. For example, those reading who are between 35 to 65+ years of age may have quite a different reaction from someone 18 to 35 years of age. Within this dichotomy of perspectives rests our hope, our future and our burden in business and society today. I have been fortunate to teach undergraduate and graduate classes at New York University in the […]

"Quote from Chasing Cool"

More Customers, More Money – Decoding Online Marketing

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More Customers, More Money – Decoding Online Marketing and Social Media. Discussing Social Media Marketing Issues at the Women Impacting Public Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. on July 18th · Cary Broussard, Owner, Broussard Marketing Communications · Leah Brown, President and CEO, A10 Clinical Solutions · Elaine Starling, President, Starling Media Services · Mary Ann Fitzmaurice Reilly, Senior Vice President, Customer Marketing and Experience, American Express OPEN My lead slide is from the book, Chasing Cool, featuring a quote from the group head of Estee Lauder, ” I love looking at trend reports, because then I know exactly what not to do…” This Fashion Startup (Sell the Stuff) has a great social media strategy:

Taking the Gracie Awards to Los Angeles

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With the 2012 Gracie Awards having come and gone, I have the opportunity to reflect upon my time as interim president of the Gracie Awards and the Alliance for Women in Media in 2010. My time with the organization was truly the opportunity of a lifetime. Taking the Gracies to LA for the first time in 35 years (it had always been held in New York), and working with a dedicated board of directors and staff was a great privilege. If you ever have the opportunity to attend the Gracie Awards, by all means, go! It is a great experience (albeit usually a tad too long as all awards shows tend to be). The Gracie Awards bring together the biggest names in news and entertainment to honor the best in programming for and about women. […]

Diary of Girl Scouts' 100 Years of Making Dreams Come True

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I don’t think it’s just me who has noticed that the Girl Scouts are everywhere these days – And apparently, they’ve been around 100 years. Yep, the Girl Scouts were founded in Savannah, Georgia in 1912. My friend Missy Rainer keeps me posted on all things Girl Scouts. And I am so proud of my friend Connie Lindsey in Chicago, who has Chaired the GS for the last couple of years and Linda Descano, new on your national board, lives right across the street from me. So these three women have something to do with me being “uber” aware of the Girl Scouts. These three women Missy, Connie and Linda all have something unique in common, and I think of them when I think of the Girl Scouts. They go above and beyond, always doing […]