Hey FCC. Do you have the right to rule on Internet Net Neutrality? Seven years ago, no…

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Please read what the FCC opinion on net neutrality looked like in 2010 when I wrote this blog. Actress Justine Bateman, Justin Bateman’s sister inspired me to write this blog when I was acting CEO of the Women’s Alliance for Media in D.C. Justine has been a fierce advocate on keeping the Internet open for the masses. I feel very powerless right now in this discussion in 2017. If you have ideas on what the FCC should do, please make your voice heard. It does appear that the FCC may have a clue…when it comes to keeping the Internet open for the masses in the U.S. – It seems that the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), Hollywood, big Internet companies (Google, Verizon), the Wireless industry and public rights advocates are divided on how to preserve and, […]

Crazy Campaigning Provides Opportunities to UnLearn from Presidential Candidates

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In a wildly unpredictable election year, Michael Lyons, character actor in the Netflix series “House of Cards” and I (Cary Broussard), are launching a joint speaking tour to draw parallels between the race for the White House and what we can learn (or unlearn) from the candidates behaviors, branding and game plans. As a former U.S. Senate staffer and communications executive, I knew we couldn’t keep our mouths shut any longer….that we couldn’t let this campaign kick our butts and leave us depleted. So…. we are taking our non-partisan, entertaining opinions and brand lessons “on the road.” With an ever-increasing number of candidate “aha” moments to emulate or avoid, we are leveraging our public speaking experience, and experiences working with all sorts of people and media (yes, media are people too) to dissect candidates’ brand […]