“From Cinderellat to CEO”

New Book Makes Business Lessons for Women Easy, Accessible, and Fun by Drawing on Classic Fairy Tales.

Today’s work world holds more possibilities for women to succeed than ever before. And, according to Cary J. Broussard, one of the country’s top advocates for women in business, the road to career success can be fun. In her new book, FROM CINDERELLA TO CEO: How to Master the 10 Lessons of Fairy Tales to Transform Your Work Life, Broussard makes business lessons easy and accessible by applying the wisdom of classic fairy tales to contemporary work life.

“Fairy tales teach lessons that apply to anyone in any place at any time. And so these lessons are valid for every woman who works,” says Broussard. “Fairy tales have always been a way for people to share their fears, their beliefs and their stories. But now many of our struggles and dreams relate to our careers. So I’ve updated these fairy tales to fit the times.”

In FROM CINDERELLA TO CEO, Broussard uses ten memorable fairy tales as starting points for her discussions on a wide range of issues that impact working women. Chapters include:

  • Cinderella: Picture Yourself at the Palace and Find a Fairy Godmentor
  • Snow White: Whistle While You Work and Win Loyal Allies
  • Little Red Riding Hood: Stay on the Right Path and You Can Fend Off the Wolf Yourself
  • Hansel and Gretel: Find Your Way through the Forest to a New Job
  • The Ugly Duckling: Paddle Your Way into a Group that Recognizes Your Strengths<
  • Thumbelina: Think Big, Show Initiative, and Do Well by Doing Good
  • Sleeping Beauty: Be Inclusive and Wake Up to Your Full Potential
  • The Red Shoes: Keep Your Work Life from Spinning out of Control
  • Rapunzel: Share Your Ideas and Passion, and Make Your Voice Heard
  • Beauty and the Beast: Stand by Your Decisions, Take Risks, and Recognize Opportunity Like a CEO

In addition to the fairy tales, Broussard includes dozens of real-life success stories based on her talks with hundreds of women from all walks of work life. She also presents:

  • Targeted advice and quotes from leading female CEO’s, VP’s, and entrepreneurs
  • Insightful anecdotes that show women how to survive and thrive in a competitive environment
  • Practical tips that help readers apply the advice to their individual career challenges
  • An amusing new version of each fairy tale as a contemporary business parable
  • “Fairy Dust” sections that sum up each chapter’s lessons making them easy to incorporate into one’s own life

Filled with exercises and practical tips, FROM CINDERELLA TO CEO reveals how any woman can achieve excellence and satisfaction in her career. Whether she’s a junior assistant or a CEO, whether she’s just starting out or seeking a promotion, whether she’s coping with conflicting priorities or planning to change jobs, FROM CINDERELLA TO CEO is essential reading for any woman who wants to get ahead.

About the Author

Cary J. Broussard is nationally known for her work in bringing women’s groups together and uniting them to share a common focus. She is one of the top advocates for women in diversity and business, and is well known for creating Wyndham’s WOMEN ON THEIR WAY program, credited with improving travel services for women everywhere. Broussard is a sought after speaker on the lecture circuit and has been seen on CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC. She has also been quoted extensively as an expert on women in business in major newspapers and magazines.

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