Moving on Up

Luckily in today’s economic environment, it’s hip to make changes. Whether we like it or not, survive and thrive is a necessary mantra. I recently moved to the New York area after living in Texas for 17 years. Why New York, you may ask? Moving to Yankee country from Cowboy land (region as well as sports fan) is like waking up from a dream and saying, “damn, I didn’t realize I fell asleep here.”

My decision to pull up stakes, Beverly “Hillbilly-style” (literally rode here in a pick up truck w/my rocking chair) to the banks of the Hudson River across from Manhattan, has its pluses and minuses. Big plus: great food. Big minus: gaining weight.

One of the highlights of my move “up North” was the opportunity to serve as interim president of the Gracie Awards and the Alliance for Women in Media. My time with the organization was truly the opportunity of a lifetime for this Southern gal. Taking the Gracies to LA for the first time in 35 years (it’s always been held in New York), and working with a dedicated board of directors and staff was a great privilege.

The Gracies brings together the biggest names in news and entertainment to honor the best in programming for and about women. See links below to learn about the amazing women (and men) who attended this prestigious gala this past May.

2010 Gracie Awards - Green T - Alliance for Women in Media

2010 Gracie Awards at The Beverly Hilton - Cary Speaks

Now that the 35th Annual Gracie Awards have come and gone, I am on to new adventures, exploring New York City and all the business, culture, entertainment and friendships it has to offer, staying bi-coastal with visits to LA for the LATV Fest, sponsored by NAPTE (National Association Program Television Executives) and going global by connecting with my European and Asian colleauges. I am introducing several new bloggers to the Cinderella CEO website for you to get to know. I look forward to compelling thoughts, advice and questions shared by all.

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