Cinderella CEO Forms Student Advisory Board

Students at New York University's Tisch Center for Hospitality Tourism and Sports Management are gaining an edge in the job market by rounding out their resumes and supplementing the traditional internship by serving on real world business advisory boards.

Global business professionals (like me) teach the majority of the classes at NYU, giving students coveted inside access to global businesses and leaders.

I am very fortunate to have a 10 member intern advisory board that advises me on my brand, my books and my website. I mentor the students and they mentor me. I also bring in guest speakers and we discuss career development as well. The "Cinderella CEO" advisory board provides networking opportunities for these students within the NYU Tisch School and with other NYU divisions like the Stern School and even other universities.

Ashley Rocha, an NYU sophomore, describes her experience on the board. “One of the positives of serving on the board is that it provides the opportunity to develop my board skills and to network. It's also very rewarding to see our advice implemented within businesses. Serving on a real business board of advisors in the NYU Tisch Center is a draw for me."

Word spread about the board through Facebook, campus events and word of mouth. Getting to know these amazing students and gaining their collective perspective on the future is enlightening. For more information go to our Facebook page: Cinderellaceo.com Having access to such a diverse group of Millennial and GenY students and their global perspectives is invaluable. They are ambitious, business minded and forward thinking.

For those interested in becoming involved, click "Like" on this Cinderella Facebook page: Cinderellaceo.com

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