“From Cinderella to CEO”

Fairy tales have entranced us for hundreds of years because they offer lessons that are relevant to anyone, in any time or place. Cary Broussard and a team of creative writers, marketers and business professionals have applied the timeless wisdom of fairy tales to the modern world of work to offer guidance and insights to improve career satisfaction and success.

A long time advocate for women, Cary speaks to audiences coast-to-coast and globally about how to successfully navigate issues of integrity, personal and professional development.

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Cary's book, From Cinderella to CEO, has been published in 10 languages. Her podcast, CinderellaCEO On Air, can be found on iTunes and Spreaker. Cary melds the business parables and wisdom found in thousand year old fairy tales with modern day, purpose-driven leadership concepts.

Cary is also a New York University adjunct professor and owns Broussard Global, a cause-related communications and marketing company.

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Speaking engagement

Jul 27

Federal Express Marketing Meeting


Apr 18

Conscious Capitalism International Conference at the Sheraton Hotel.

Cary speaks on: How to Cultivate, Inspire and Motivate a Conscious Board. Philadelphia, PA

Apr 06

Culture Solutions Team HR Networking Event

From Cinderella to CEO – Earning Your Crown: Beauty & the Beast “Lead at Any Level”.

Jan 10
Dallas Entrepreneur Center invited Cary to speak to women entrepreneurs in Dallas.

Dallas Entrepreneur Center invited Cary to speak to women entrepreneurs in Dallas.

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