CinderellaCEO-Dave Johnson, CEO Aimbridge Hospitality

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Cinderella CEO on Air is a career podcast based on the international book, From Cinderella to CEO – How to Master the 10 Lessons of Fairy Tales to Transform Your Work Life. Cary Broussard, author and host of the show interviews CEOs and executives about their Cinderella Stories and how the lessons of fairy tales have helped them successfully navigate business challenges. Guests come from a wide range of businesses and offer steps to develop a successful career. The guests offer anecdotes and stories that guide listeners, based on lessons of fairy tales. The podcasts have a fun tone and create memorable lessons that listeners at all levels of their career will enjoy. Producers Logan Rene’ Broussard and Russ Johns Production Team: Sylvia Wolosyn, Anita Bell and Debby Englander We interview Dave Johnson, CEO and […]

Nora Moreno: From Housekeeper to Corporate Executive

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Nora Moreno began her career in hospitality as a housekeeper. She gives us an inside account on what it’s like to start from scratch, and love the journey along the way. She came from Mexico to the United States, and found her mentors and dream job at Aimbridge Hospitality. Today, she is Vice President of Human Resources for the largest 3rd party hotel management company in the country. Nora has a great voice, a special story and concrete advice on how to move up in an organization that you love.

Journey from Housekeeper to Corporate Executive: An Interview with Nora Moreno

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Interview with Nora Moreno – From Housekeeper to Corporate Executive Looking for a place to work after moving to Texas from Mexico, Nora Moreno heard about a job opening in a nearby hotel. She stood in line with other applicants, and interviewed for a housekeeping position. Nora ended up landing her first job in the U.S. and very happy to be working. What she didn’t expect was to fall in love with housekeeping. Nora Moreno, now Vice President of Human Resources for Aimbridge Hospitality Corporation, to this day when she travels, inspects every room with an eye for detail and love for hospitality. I hope you’ll learn as much as I after listening to Nora’s fascinating journey. She has a lot to say about the commitment and joys of hospitality. Learn more about Aimbridge at […]