Back from Japan, a little jet-lagged and a lot inspired

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I didn’t think to ask anyone how jet-lag would affect me upon returning from Japan….Finally two weeks after my trip, I felt normal again. FYI – Melatonin was not helpful to me – it actually made me feel awful. I don’t recommend it, but my colleague traveling with me loved its effects! Traveling for 3 weeks straight with back to back speaking engagements from Memphis, Dallas, Los Angeles and of course Japan, drained my energy. Although jumping back into teaching at NYU re-energized me! As I listen to and read historical reports on the 70th anniversary of Pearl Harbor today, my emotions and perspective are mixed. I wince in horror at the root and destruction of wars and yet I have to stay hopeful that current wars will one day be settled in peaceful partnership […]

Exploring similarities and differences between Japan and the US

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Reflecting upon what makes diversity and inclusion so powerful in art, culture and business, I look forward to posting impressions from my upcoming trip to Japan. Most recently a study from GEWEL (Global Enhancement Women’s Executive Leadership), conducted in 2009-10 found findings that show Japan and U.S. have much to learn from each other. This study opens the door to more opportunity for businesses in the U.S. to collaborate with the Japanese. The economic pressures we are facing world over require that we collaborate in fresh ways. Hiroko Tatebe, founder of the Global Organization for Leadership and Diversity, and a pioneer in this area, is a great resource in understanding the opportunities for leadership and collaboration between the two cultures. Ms. Tatebe has invited me and my colleague Leslie Grossman, founder of Women's Leadership Exchange, […]