Nora Moreno: From Housekeeper to Corporate Executive

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Nora Moreno began her career in hospitality as a housekeeper. She gives us an inside account on what it’s like to start from scratch, and love the journey along the way. She came from Mexico to the United States, and found her mentors and dream job at Aimbridge Hospitality. Today, she is Vice President of Human Resources for the largest 3rd party hotel management company in the country. Nora has a great voice, a special story and concrete advice on how to move up in an organization that you love.

Cinderella's Student Advisory Board

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Research has shown (my own research as well as others) that having an advisory board can make all the difference in business success and yes, even in personal endeavors. Master mind groups, advisory boards, boards of directors, you name it, listening and responding to a group of qualified individuals whom you trust and respect can produce big dividends. Three keys to success: 1. Determine what the purpose of your board will be. Is it a focus group for a new product or service ? Is it a group of advisors who will advise you on growing a business or your career? 2. Outline the benefits/commitments to those serving on the board. Networking with other board members, opportunity to learn from you and others. Mention appropriate perks and any monetary compensation and time commitments. 3. Challenge […]

Women’s Voices from Around the World

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I had an amazing opportunity as part of UN Women’s launch to hear a panel of women from around the globe share their voices at the New School in New York. Sakeena Yacoobi from Afghanistan (the Afghan Institute of Learning), shared her major concerns about the security of Afghan women. Three things I especially like about Sakeena’s delivery of her message. Sakeena knows the new Executive Director of UN Women is in the audience, so she makes her message relevant to Michelle Bachelet (former President of Chile) on behalf of the women of Afghanistan, because she knows Bachelet has influence and power to help lead change for Afghan women. Sakeena prepared her message – simple and to the point – Her sound bite is easy for us to understand and share with others – Women […]

Learning from the George Steinbrenner Leadership Model

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Yes, I am a Yankee fan. I follow every game. I read the sports page. Well at least the stories about the Yankees. I love the players. And I have always been fascinated by George Steinbrenner, owner of the most successful franchise in baseball history, the Yankees. His passing this week truly saddened me. He was a man that left a true legacy. A man from which women leaders can learn a bit about leadership. Most women don’t know much about George, but sports fans either loved him or hated him. Mostly hated him. Some of it was jealousy. George is accused by competitive teams and fans of changing baseball by using his financial power to buy and keep great players. This strategy continued a Yankee tradition started in the 1920s, long before George bought […]