CinderellaCEO. Whitney J Martin, Co-Founder, Texas Women Ventures

Cinderella CEO on Air is a career podcast based on the international book, From Cinderella to CEO – How to Master the 10 Lessons of Fairy Tales to Transform Your Work Life. Cary Broussard, author and host of the show interviews

Whitney Johns Martin is Co-Founder, Co-Chairwoman and Managing Director of Texas Women Ventures . Appointed by Fed Chair Alan Greenspan, Whitney was three-time Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Nashville branch and an appointee to the National Women’s Business Council by the SBA Administrator.

Whitney has made it her business to support women in business and find smart financial investors who do the same. She discusses what women do best and how they can improve upon seeking investors and growing their businesses.

Co-Chair & Managing Director, Texas Women Ventures Fund

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