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Learn to successfully lead through a crisis, stay mindful and create positive outcomes for yourself and others.

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Cut Through the Crisis

  • Review Shortcuts to Overcome Hurdles
  • Shared Experiences to Solve Problems
  • Platforms for the Future


  • Crisis Guidance Learning
  • New Normal Management Examples
  • Learning to Rebuild Trust Again


  • Discuss Detailed Planning
  • Envision Leadership Pillars
  • Application of New Tools

You don’t have to be a CEO to think, act and lead like a smart CEO. This applies to all levels.

Cary J. Broussard | Author From Cinderella to CEO – Designing a clear roadmap involves strategic planning, staying focused and being mindful of the power you have to reach your desired goals.

Recurring research shows that well-adjusted, effective leaders surround themselves with those who challenge and support them.  Our research proves the most effective, authentic leaders continuously challenge themselves to be better while helping others be successful.

You serve as the best example of your own success when others choose to follow you, and we’re in the business of developing and supporting those who have the desire to be great leaders.

Responses to our C2CEO Leadership Research

Read what our C2CEO Community has to say about our research

“In moments of crises, the workplace can be a safe haven for people. But that requires intentional, empathetic leadership. Thanks for your role in being a part of this movement to humanize leadership.”

Mia Mends

CAO, SodexoMAGIC and Sodexo N.A.

“Cary, I love everything that you have done with your grant funds…You have created an outstanding leadership roadmap with your research.”

Tracy Irby

Associate Director, Center for Women Entrepreneurs, Texas Woman’s University

“Thank you so much for sharing and helping us to know what is important during these unprecedented times.”

Margaret Walker

Director of Wellbeing & Engagement Communications, Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits

“Thanks for creating this platform to engage us in important discussions that need to be had!”

Jamelia Lehn

SrVP, Corporate Controller, Aimbridge Hospitality

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