From Cinderella to CEO

Fairy tales have entranced us for hundreds of years because they offer lessons that are relevant to anyone, in any time or place. Now, you can learn to apply the timeless wisdom of fairy tales to the modern world of work. 

Originally published in 10 languages, the second edition of Cinderella to CEO was updated and reprinted in 2018.  Please email us at or visit Amazon to purchase your copies of From Cinderella to CEO, How to Master the 10 Lessons of Fairy Tales to Transform Your Work Life

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You’ll discover valuable strategies for getting ahead in your career, while you have fun exploring the favorite fairy tales you remember. With motivational stories, advice from female CEOs and experts, and amusing renditions of fairy tales as business parables, From Cinderella to CEO gives you a blueprint for career success. This book offers valuable workplace lessons about acting with integrity and inclusion, cultivating allies and “fairy godmentors,” surviving office politics, and prospering in a volatile economy.

Every classic fairy tale has a transformation at its core. From cindermaid to princess, ugly duckling to swan, helplessness to power – these stories tell us that transformation is possible. Translated into today’s terms, this means you can wake up from a dead end job, exercise your inherent power, and transform your work life. You can turn a mundane job into a career that is lucrative, creative, balanced and satisfying.

From Cinderella to CEO will give you the confidence to create a realistic yet passionate vision that can transform your career – and a full menu of tools to get there. “Picture yourself at the palace” and learn how to make it to the top with your ideals and energy intact. 

Inside the Book

A modern Snow White can thwart an evil queen or backstabbing boss by working hard to win allies… More»