Inside the Book - Chapter Two: Snow White

Whistle While You Work and Win Allies

Let's face it – some bosses, yes, are more evil than others. So that's why, you need to take heed and review the seven strategies below for Surviving a Wicked Boss. Yes, this comes straight out of Chapter 2.

  • Win the respect of your peers, and yes, even co-workers who are lower in the company hierarchy – who can also help you. If you're having difficulty with an immediate boss, a human resources manager or a senior boss will often consider what others say about you….
  • Strive to win your boss over with sheer excellence – Sometimes a boss will mellow after you prove yourself. This is especially helpful with a new boss or if you're in a new job.
  • Don't view your boss as the enemy. Try to understand your boss's point of view. Focus on offering solutions and ways to improve a situation. Perhaps your boss is intimidated by your smarts, energy and ambition. Convince your boss that you're an asset not a threat.
  • Pick your battles carefully and the ones you have a good chance of winning! Also make sure your motivations are valid, based on advancing or securing your career – not revenge or blind anger.
  • Speak to your mentor – Get advice from someone you trust who can help you put the situation into perspective. If that proves impossible, you have to decide if the advantages of your job outweigh the pain of dealing with your boss. It may be the perfect time to look for another job. Within the company or outside.
  • Going to a human resources manager or your boss's boss are alternatives but be sure you've weighed the potential consequences of that move. Understand company politics and alliances before making your move and evaluate your motives and consequences carefully. Write down the pros and cons.
  • AND FINALLY…. Wait for your enemy (or boss) to self-destruct like the evil queen in Snow White (remember an evil queen can be a man or a woman)…. Nine times out of ten, this is the fate of people who can't let go of anger and resentment, who are cruel and unfair. They burn their own bridges and self-destruct. Once the dust clears, and the evil boss burns out or seals his/her own end, remember to exercise compassion and forgiveness. The person who makes you angry controls you! Sometimes you have to let it go, no matter how evil the boss has been….